Friday, October 31, 2008

This Is what I have been trying to say.


Tomas Dennis said...

If you are smart that will work but if your poor you are going to get to get poorer if McCain becomes president.
You will make it no matter what happens.
I am to old to move as fast as you and I am poor man who is going down the tubes with my $1000 a month insurance bills.
Good try.
Kentucky may go for the Republican Propaganda but it will be in the minority.
Bush just deregulated our pollution laws as you spoke your song and dance the next deer you kill may be very sick.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Lets not forget the MOST IMPORTANT issue about this election and one that is not mentioned....
POSSIBLY 5. These Supreme Court Judges serve a LIFE term.

If Obama as President appoints the Justices he will appoint Justices that will interpret the law, in their rulings to slant in a liberal fashion. They may decide a law in favor of letting people marry anything they want to, so therefor you could marry your pet dog if you wanted to in a legal ceremony. Liberal Judges do not stick to following our U.S.Constitution but rule from the bench.

If McCain as President appoints the Justices he will appoint conservative Supreme Court Judges that do not make up the laws as they go, but stick to the U.S. Constitution, therefore allowing us to celebrate Christmas as we always have, keeping marriage as a union between a man & a woman only, they might even possibly abolish abortion except for certain medical emergencies, and things like that. Conservative supreme court judges will bring back morality to our nation.

I seem to be seeing more African Americans speaking out in videos against Obama. I think their eyes have been opened and they see more clearly what his agenda really is.
Obama speaks fluently and is very persuasive, but his character is lacking and he allows NO ONE to question him. We cannot elect a President who doesn't allow being questioned without the fear of being smeared...that is what a dictator does.

I liked the video by the way, and did you see his other video he did about Obama?